Friday, April 22, 2011

Déjà Vu Luongo

Roberto Luongo (April 21, 2011 - Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images North America) 

So it seems like Roberto Luongo is turning into a non-playoff goalie again this year.  He has been pulled from the last two games allowing 10 goals in what is equal to playing a game and all of OT in the regular season.  Considering that having a goals against average of 2 is where the best goalies in the league are around, 10 goals in a game is not even going to get you ice time in the ECHL.  As mentioned in my last post he played well in the first game shutting Chicago out and was decent enough in the next two games to get wins.  You have probably seen the picture below; Vince Vaughn isn’t wrong in laughing at Lou and how ridiculous it is that he’s underperforming again in the playoffs.
Chicago has picked their game up in the last two and has challenged Lou and the Canucks; so far it seems as if he is not up to it.  He is a Vezina Finalist this year and I hope he picks his game up.  It will be tough if has or is losing confidence; when you are slumping as a goalie, even when you are doing everything you can and the results are not what you want, it is tough to be on top of your game.  Hopefully, his past experience will help him turn things around and pull himself together (even if I am routing for the Hawks). Unfortunately we may be seeing the usual Luongo in the playoffs, the guy who cannot get his team to the Finals.