Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Marty Turco the Gambler

Marty Turco(December 2, 2010 - Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America)
Marty Turco has a hell of a character and a great personality too.  He could be hanging his head and complaining about his current situation, sitting behind Corey Crawford, but he is not.  He has not played in almost three weeks and has not started a game since mid February.  He is a great teammate and has offered as much veteran support and knowledge as he can.  But when you’re sitting on the bench for as long as he has been sometimes you get bored just opening and closing the door on the bench.  Check this out.  He is now making bets with opposing team’s fans from the bench…and if you happen to sit by him at your local rink the odds are in your favor.  I would like to see more fan-player interaction like this.

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