Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dwayne Roloson

 Dwayne Roloson (April 14, 2011 - Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images North America) 
Everyone seems to be focusing on Dwayne Roloson’s “perfect record” in elimination games, I could care less.  Roloson could care less too; he knocked on his head (wood) when told by Darren Pang it was “unblemished.”  Roloson has been really good the past three games and has played fairly solid throughout the first round, he is top three in GAA and SP% among goalies. 

I’m a big fan of his “12 hour rule.”  He gives himself 12 hours to think about the previous game and after that is out of his mind, whether it is positive or negative.  I wish I implemented this rule a few times in my competitive career.  It would have helped me in a few games throughout my career.  It definitely helped him rebound in game five after the poor OT game four winner.  Also he has long forgotten about the poor puck handling that lead to the first goal in game six.   
I’m really rooting for “Roli” and the Lightning tonight in game 7 vs Pittsburgh.  Roli seems to be getting better as he is getting older.  He was already planning on playing next year even before he was traded to Tampa.  This year is his “second chance” at winning Lord Stanley.  I think the Oilers would have won the Cup in 2006 if Roloson did not get hurt.  Roloson is going to do everything in his power to give the Lightning a chance to win it all.  At 41 I do not see him playing many more years after this season. 

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