Saturday, April 9, 2011

Top 10 NHL Goalie Masks of 2011

The following are the top 10 NHL goalie masks of 2011.  The order is based on my opinion and quality of art on the masks as well.
10) Kari Lehtonen, Dallas Stars
The first mask he wore this year had images of Chuck Norris on it.  It plays along with the cowboy/Dallas theme with Stars logos throughout the mask and the fact that Norris was in "Walker, Texas Ranger."  If features art work by Dave Gunnarsson and this makes the list for the great imagery on the mask.

9) Antero Niittymaki, San Jose Sharks
I like the use of the sharks as “gangsters” as they mix in his nickname “Nitty” that started in his days with Philly.  It’s painted by mask artist David Arrigo. You’ll see his work again on this list.

8) Cory Schneider, Vancouver Canucks
This mask pays tribute to Canucks goalies over the years as this year is the team’s 40th anniversary.

7) Craig Anderson, Ottawa
Like the two sided mask look. Simple team oriented on one side and personal touch on the other side.

6) Jonathan Bernier, LA Kings
This is a really good looking retro/tribute mask to Rogie Vachon.  Its another solid mask by David Gunnarsson.

5) Sergei Bobrovsky, Philadelphia Flyers
Like the use of Philadelphia/US and Russian imagery between fighter jets and landmarks. Another work by

4) Dan Ellis, Tampa Bay
Like the different look for a Tampa Bay Mask.  The sea creature on one side and then skarks and deep sea fish on the other definitely make the mask as great as it is.

3) Scott Clemmensen, Florida Panthers
I really like the simplicity of the mask and the fact that you can easily make out the design from far away. He has two different versions of the mask, one mostly red and one mostly blue.

2) Curtis McElhinney, Anaheim Ducks
The design of this mask is really great.  Love the creepy alien looking creature with the subtle Duck mask over the top and twisting spiral designs with a skull and wings in the center on the chin of the mask.

1) Henrik Karlsson, Calgary Flames
This is by far the best mask in the NHL this year.  Of course it has to be a David Gunnarsson mask.  It has a great design between the use of the old horse logo, the current logo on top and the really good skull on each side of the mask.  And when light hits the mask a certain way there are little Calgary logos in the dark areas on the mask.