Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Joey MacDonald (September 28, 2010 - Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images North America)

I-96 is the highway that runs between Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Veteran journeyman Joey MacDonald did not plan to travel this highway much this season, but he knows it like the back of his hand by now.  He was slated to be the starter for the season in Grand Rapids and mentor Detroit’s prospect goalies Thomas McCollum and Jordan Pearce.  Joey Mac has been called up to Detroit again today, which makes this his seventh time heading to Detroit this year.  This has been the result of nagging injuries to Chris Osgood and Jimmy Howard and the team’s failed attempt to sign Evgeni Nabokov. 
MacDonald has taken full advantage of the opportunities when given the chance to play for the Motor City.  In 12 games played in he’s 4-4-2 with a decent GAA (2.10) and a real good save percentage at .926%.  I think MacDonald has a great mentality.  He’s a great team player and has a lot of wisdom to offer to both teams.  He is also a decent goalie as well, if you look at his numbers, even if he’s played the majority of his career in the AHL.  MacDonald has a great outlook on his situation as well, “I’m 30 years old now, so being back up on a team like that (Detroit) is what my goal is,” he said. “When I’m not, (Grand Rapids) is the place to be. Of course, as a goaltender, you’ve got to play games to get better.”  He’s an UFA this summer and would be a great re-sign for the Wings to fill their backup or their number 3 slot again. He'd also be a good signing for another team looking for a mentor for their younger goalies.  For the rest of the season he will be good for the Wings until Osgood is healthy enough to backup; or in spots starts and relief efforts for Howard.  There may not be any as the season is almost over, but he’ll be ready if needed.  Hopefully, for Mac though, he won’t be traveling I-96 again.