Saturday, March 12, 2011

Robin who?

Robin Lehner (Getty Images)

This guy needs to wake up....Robin Lehner definitely has a potentially solid career ahead of him.  But at 19 he has a lot of maturing and growing up to do....seems that he feels like he should be in the show and has no desire to float back and forth between Ottawa and Binghamton to gain experience and get a decent amount of playing time.  Binghamton's fans are not too happy with his attitude and would rather have the favored hard working and solid playing Barry Brust in the net. 

Lehner needs to learn that he needs to earn his time in the NHL; it is definitely not handed to him or anyone else.  In the few games he has played for Ottawa his stats seem ehhh...promising is a stretch at the moment, in the AHL they have been better but he’s only played 28 professional games between the two leagues...He definitely seems quite cocky as well, "I'm hunting the goalies in front of me..."  What a nice way to say watch out Craig Anderson. And Pascal Leclaire, well he would probably be an easy kill since he’s already wounded....but hey Lehner could continue to take cheap shots on goalies in hopes he hurts them...

Little word from the wise still have to earn your minutes in the AHL or anywhere you end up... there’s 5 goalies in the Ottawa's system that have more pro experience then you... and according to your coach, Kurt Kleinendorst, "I think Robin, he has got to earn that net."