Monday, March 7, 2011

Welcome Back!

Ray Emery (Getty Images)

Ray Emery….I used to think this guy shoulda been boxing instead of in the NHL.  He is definitely a changed man and actually a man today.  Maybe if he was boxing he wouldn’t have had the meltdown he had, but I don’t think he was mature enough to focus only on his career in the NHL.  I think his exile to Russia and then comeback attempt in Philly (ended by a midseason injury) last year was a start toward screwing his head on straight.  Well here’s a really good article with a nice summary on his career up until a few weeks ago.  He realized how fortunate he was being able to play pro hockey and does not care if he cannot walk in 5 years.  Now he’s in Anaheim, again to fill in as a backup, happy about his solid weekend in Texas playing a few games in the AHL for Syracuse.  Now he is waiting for the opportunity to get into another game in the NHL.  He is definitely ready to play a game in the show after months of rehab.  The new Ray Emery is here and is going to make a difference for whatever team he is on whether it is Syracuse or Anaheim or somewhere else.