Friday, March 11, 2011


I apologise for not updating the past few days as I have been super busy. I had a big job interview all day today and have been working on a term paper.
Anyway take a look at this site it has a ton of really good goalie info and articles.

Also here's there twitter version of it which focuses on minor league news and info on goalies.

Both are super good sites and have a lot of relevant goalie info from interviews, news, and technical articles to a bunch of really good pictures. You should definitely take a look.

Mark Dekanich (Copyright Chris Jeirna)

The Dexshow.  He currently plays for the Milwaukee Admirals in the AHL (Nashville's minor league affiliate).  I spent a week with him over the last summer, at Mitch Korn's Buffalo Prospect camp(unfortunately its not offered anymore), prior to this season.  He has an amazing work ethic and it was crazy to see how good of a goalie he is.  He has a lot of possibility and will continue to push Nashville starter Pekka Rinne and challenge rookie backup Anders Lindback.  Look out for Mark in the future, the Colgate University grad has alot to offer.  Take a look at his twitter if you have a second as well.  @dexshow