Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ottawa's Future

Robin Lehner (January 31, 2011 - Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images North America)
In one of my recent posts I said that Robin Lehner was going to be the backup next season in Ottawa and slowly take time away from Crain Anderson as seasons go on.  I think Lehner’s confidence in himself made me think he’s farther in his development then he really is.  He is only 19 and definitely needs time to develop in the minor leagues.  He has only participated in 26 games this year and the consistent movement between the NHL and AHL has slowed his development this season.  Assistant Ottawa GM Tim Murray has penciled Lehner in as the starter for Binghamton next season and management has the intention of Lehner playing 50 plus games down there.  In this article, Robin Lehner is realizing he needs time to develop and understands his situation, even though he wants to be in Ottawa. 
Curtis McElhinney(Photo by Andre Ringuette/NHLI via Getty Images)
In addition, Curtis McElhinney finds himself in an interesting position for next season.  He’s a free agent this summer and Curtis has bounced around since last season.  Ottawa is his fourth NHL (Calgary, Anaheim, Tampa Bay, and Ottawa) team in less than two full seasons.  He has played his best all season in Ottawa, even if he’s only started five games, winning three of them.  Defeating the surging Devils and the Lightning twice; the team that traded for him and waved him after four days without giving him a chance to even dress for a game.  He’s giving Ottawa a good reason to resign him as their backup next season. McElhinney is also raising his stock in a pretty flooded goalie market this offseason.  As well Curtis McElhinney thinks he makes a decent fit in Ottawa, even with Anderson signed for 4 years, but as of now McElhinney is just focused on having fun and playing the best that he can.